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Carbon Free New York Coalition Members Release Statements on FERC's Ruling Making Achievement of CLCPA Goals Harder

Citizens’ Climate Lobby NY:
“New Yorkers overwhelmingly want their electricity generated from non-emitting sources. We applaud NYISO’s carbon adder plan as a first step on the path to economy-wide carbon pricing and decarbonization for NY. It can be implemented quickly and refined as needed.”

American Wind Energy Association:
"Based on our preliminary understanding of FERC’s order, we are concerned it will impede New York State’s ability to deploy the clean energy technologies needed to meet the state’s carbon goals. On the bright side, hopefully, this will expedite progress on the carbon pricing plan proposed by the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), which would help integrate the state’s existing clean energy goals and New York’s wholesale electricity market by allowing the NYISO’s capacity market to recognize clean resources’ carbon value stream and, in turn, meet policy and reliability goals in the most cost-effective way."   

National Hydropower Association:
“Carbon pricing can help us achieve emission reduction goals at lower costs because it values existing carbon free resources like hydropower, which enable greater amounts of wind and solar onto the grid. Carbon pricing also fosters clean technology innovation and can easily accommodate new waterpower technologies over time because it is technology neutral.”

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