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“… Introducing a “social cost” of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into New York’s competitive, wholesale energy markets can help the state meet its clean energy goals faster and more cost-effectively while reducing emissions and maintaining grid reliability.” – Analysis Group’s Clean Energy in New York State Report

We are a coalition of like-minded organizations who recognize New York’s opportunity to be the nation’s clean energy leader by decarbonizing our electricity sector with a market-based model that fights climate change, improves public health, and preserves states’ abilities to choose and achieve their own clean energy policy goals. We believe incorporating the social cost of carbon within the electricity sector via NYISO’s carbon pricing proposal, will align New York’s wholesale electricity markets with its decarbonization public policy objectives set forth in the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

Members of the Coalition

ACE NY  Apex Clean Energy  AWEA  Citizens Climate Lobby New York  CS Energy  EDF Renewables  EDP  East Light Partners     Healthy Planet  Operating Engineers  Invenergy  Key Capture Energy    Milwrights Union Local 1163   National Hydropower Association  Nortland Power  NYLCV   ReEnergy    SEIA  S Power  Upstate Energy Jobs 

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Why We Care

Public Health

Carbon emissions can severely affect public health.

Climate Change

Climate change is caused in part by carbon emissions across the world.

Consumer Impacts

The right policies will efficiently decarbonize New York’s electricity sector at the lowest cost to consumers.

Understand the Toll

Our Solution

The mission of Carbon Free New York Coalition (CFNY) is to encourage all stakeholders and policymakers to work together to implement the NYISO carbon pricing proposal in a timely and efficient manner. By incorporating the cost of carbon into the electricity sector, New York will align its wholesale electricity markets with its public policy objectives to decarbonize the electricity sector as set forth in the Climate Leadership Community Protection Act (CLCPA).

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